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[HD] EXO-M History MV SM.ART Exhibition Version

Hello everyone~ How are you guys and girls doing? ^^

Did you know that at the SM.ART Exhibition event held back in August, there were a second version of the MAMA and History MVs that were shown to the people who attended? EXO-K had a new version of MAMA while for EXO-M, it was History~

Thankfully, for those who haven't been able to attend the event, there are fans who kindly took videos of these new MVs to share with everyone. The original fancam used in this video was taken by T.O.JONGIN and was edited by our member Tracy to make it look like a real MV you'd see online~ A big thank you to T.O.JONGIN for letting us use your fancam! ^_^

Please enjoy the video~ Don't you just love all their new hand gestures and expressions? XD

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cr. T.O.JONGIN for the original fancam
Edited by EXO-M Global
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