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Andrea Bocelli - Vivo Per Lei (English lyrics translation)

English lyrics translation of the song "Vivo Per Lei" by Andrea Bocelli featuring Giorgia. Enjoy my video!

Hello! I have been reading a lot of interesting comments and clues about this translation. It' time to give anybody the definitive explanation of the meaning of this beautiful song and its translation, in the end of the song. Check it out!
The first thing to know is that the beauty of this song is also in the ambiguity of its original lyrics and it has been written on purpose! Even in Italian, you listen to the first stanza thinking that "lei" refers to a woman. Then the female singer, Giorgia in this case, begins to sing and you don't know if she is just interpretating a "male part" or what else. So, even the italian listener wonders: "Who is "lei"? ".
In Italian, "musica" is a feminine noun and so its pronoun has to be feminine too. But wait... since "musica" is not a person, the correct pronoun in Italian is "essa" and not "lei". It is a grammar mistake in any other case... but not in this case... why? It's the trick for ambiguity!
"Lei" has nothing to do with the "formal "you""; speaking in Italian to a person you do know so well it's formally correct to use the 3rd singular feminine personal pronoun: "lei". It's a kind of respect-form. So, speaking in Italian to any person, male or female, who's not familiar to you, you should say:
"Good morning, how are you?"
"Buongiorno, come sta "LEI"?"
BUT, this works only in direct speech! So "formal "you"" is not the correct explanation for this song.
The song intentionally equivocates about music, which artists consider as real and important as the partner of their life. The correct translation of "Vivo per lei: la musica" is "I live for it: music", BUT not in this song... because translating into English the ambiguity would be solved very soon:
"I live for it" - Live for "WHAT"???
"I live for her" - Live for "WHO"???
Any listener should be wondering about the "person" they're singing for until Bocelli himself revails that "she/her" is not actually a person but... yeah, Music:
"Vivo per lei: la musica". So, I used "her" insted of "it" on purpose because, though grammatically incorrect, the main point of this song is that they are celebrating music like it were a person. That's why I used the capital letter for music at 3:35 . That's the beautiful meaning of the song. ;-P

I hope you enjoy my video and my channel!
Have a nice life!